Revenge of the Ancient Gods

by Morttus [Spiritus Noctis]

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released July 16, 2013

All music and arrangements by Morttus Spiritus Noctis
All lyrics by Rosidar Sheik
Recorded at Thetragram Records in november and december 2010
Produced, engineered and mixed by Ezequiel Villarreal



all rights reserved


Morttus Spiritus Noctis Panama, Panama

Rosidar Sheik -Guitar/Vocals
Alessandro Salerno -Bass
Juan Carlos Nuñez - Drums
Ethel G. - Keyboards

Country of origin:
Panama City


Formed in:

Black Metal

Lyrical themes:
Death, Occultism, Evil

Current label:

Years active:


Formerly known as Morttus.
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Track Name: Promise of Relief
Propelled by forces far beyond the conscious mind
Inviting words for oral lust and free demise
Desecration have lost its meaning
What was “sacred” now is real

Like crimson velvet gloves
Feel their grasp
I’m a perfect subject for submission

Listen me
Imposing self-contempt
I shut my eyes
And swear myself
This time I will not fail

Feel the blade
It cuts my inner visions
Feel the blade
Embraced by darkness will obey
Feel the blade cast me now into oblivion
To feed my demons in my name

I throw my promise of relief
Self-inflicted wounds lead the path
That sets me free

A raging turmoil
Imposing self-contempt
I shut my eyes
And swear myself
This time I will not fail
Track Name: Apocalypse
Right after this cold war
Blood tastes no more
There’s no faith
To punish everything around me
Desperation gushing from those
Souls ravaged at heaven’s door.
Like a cold thought,
Like a passing breeze,
As a burial ground surrounded by renewal seeds.

Thunderstorms strike right here
Where the land is dry!
Where hope for existence lacks
In a world where light no longer reigns
And only dark shades of desolation prevail.

Here I am!
Claiming the world of our own
The one I’ve been longing for!
Where pity and pain are just states of the swerving mind
Track Name: The Creation of the Great Anguish
Something has shaken the Universe
The End of time has been fulfilled
Nobody hit on how to become

The land has fallen into limbo infinite
Doomed to perpetual cold
The extinction of life

Farewell to the carnal world
Souls trapped in the dark
There is no break

No more desires and passions
No more taste of sins
Gone are the freat talents

In the last hours extinction
Where cries sound again
The scariest sound ever heard

Farewell to the carnal world
Souls trapped in the dark
There is no break

At the end of great count

Where scream become true
Terror ever created
Silence storm
The great creation of anguish
Track Name: Kingdoom
Battles! the perished, hatred, the gushing of blood embraces the earth
Dead bodies crushed by legions, this is the final war
I can grasp the pain with my hands, feel the essence of death
The bloody terrible battles, for territorial gain

Endless battle, almost eternally satisfied
Forever alone in the shadows
I feed the power of my hatred
By the submission of the weak

Shutting your eyes won’t be enough to keep the images out of your mind
The pain and suffering of feeling the cold sword
Of anguish being trusted through your entrails
Here in the chronicles of decay times of war
This torment is in your soul
No mercy, I tear out this desperate cry, this weakness
Destroy!, forge a future, in name of the kingdom of shadows.
Track Name: Cosmic
Do not surrender to pain
Don’t try to hide
Even if they howl your name
Don’t shut your eyes
Shadows know what likes within them

Extinguish not the light
Never sleep, never die
Cosmic creation of shadows
Extinguish not the flame
Never sleep, never die

We wonder these lands without boundaries
Rid ourselves from slavery to ragingly
Blacken this earth to the last corner

Extinguish not the light
Never sleep, never die
Cosmic creation of shadows
Extinguish not the flame
Never sleep, never die

I belong to another realm
But yours is the living
Track Name: Banishment
The world around us ends
We’re reaching our hell
I see no light and I can feel
The darkness deep inside of me
Is power for me poison for the others
Everyone hoping the deadly reality to end
He is blind because of his ignorance
Makes him die and vomit his own blood

Banishment of the light
Darkness of my eyes
Emptiness of my soul
It’s the eternal silence of pain

The hypocrisy for our salvation didn’t work
We didn’t realize of being our own darkness
No light will save us

Death to my sinner and bloody soul
I’m giving my live
My path is my salvation
Track Name: Blade of Destiny
Long have we been slained, long have we lived in atrocity
Masses perished crowds forced into pseudo-redemption
Denied of our conscious by self-proclaimed healers
This no more! Stand strong we imply, unity shall prevail

Our fallen will battle from beyond, to shield the remaining
Our ancient ones powering our minds, fate is now at hand
Ancient rites natural balance, the rising moon perpetuates.
We have vanquished time we have massacred the ages
And as it is written, the blind herd will fall by the blade of…
Track Name: The Face of Death
Hear the voice of hastur in his almightiness

I am the master-spirit who lives down below
Below any human kind, behind every sorrow
Down in hell my obscurity evolve in the way of hatred
For the splendor of torture and the joy of pain

For the cursed faceless one / is processing at the funeral
Sound of mighty / blacken hordes our hate
Our wills are his power / released for the glory of our redeemer.

Who has known all the evil before us
The tyrannical secrets of time?
Through the match not the dead men that bore us
Though the heathen outface and outlive of us
And our lives and our longings are twain
Forgive us our virtues, forgive us, our lady of pain.
The face of death.